Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Chicken Tikka Barbecue


Chicken - 1 kg (boneless or leg pieces)

Lemon - 2

Ginger - 1 table spoon (peeled and finely grated)
Garlic cloves - 5 (peeled and finely grated)

Coriander Seeds - 1 table spoon

Cumin Seeds - 1 table spoon
Black Pepper - 1 table spoon

Yoghurt/Cream - 2 table spoon

Paprika / food colour - 1 table spoon (optional)
Olive Oil - 1 table spoon
Salt - 1 table spoon (or to taste)


  1. Make 2 deep cuts in each of the chicken piece.
  2. Squeeze 1 lemon on Chicken, mix well and leave overnight to marinade.
  3. 2 hours before barbecue, lightly toast coriander, cumin and black pepper in a pan, crush the 3 ingredients in a mortar and pestle.
  4. Add ginger, garlic, crushed spices (coriander, cumin and black pepper), salt and olive oil to the chicken marinade, mix well.
  5. Add yoghurt or cream.
  6. Add Paprika or colour (optional).
  7. Now leave the marinade for 2 hours.
  8. Get the barbecue ready.
  9. Slice in 3 to 4 pieces on skewer, and barbecue on coal (brush with oil if chicken looks dry during barbecue).
  10. Remove from skewer once done, and squeeze 3-5 drops of lemon on each chicken piece, chicken absorbs lemon more easily when it has just come off barbecue.

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