Saturday 27 April 2013


This super-simple Italian dessert actually benefits from being made ahead, as this gives it time for all the lovely flavours to mingle.



Espresso coffee (strong, cooled to room temperature) - 2-3 cups
Eggs (separated) - 2
Caster sugar - 1/4 cup
Mascarpone cheese - 250 gram
Cream (heavy whipping cream or any cream with more than 36% milkfat) - 1 cup
Sponge Fingers - 250 Gram
Cocoa powder (for dusting)
Hazelnut (roasted and chopped, for dusting)


1. Put the egg YOLKS and sugar in a large bowl
2. Beat until mixture goes pale and thick
3. Add mascarpone and beat lightly to combine
4. It does not matter if it is marbled slightly
5. Whip the cream until stiff peaks hold, and fold gently into the egg mixture (use a spatula, or a metal spoon) - DO NOT BEAT
6. Beat the egg whites to soft peaks in a perfectly clam metal bowl (if there is any grease, they won't whip properly; make sure you rinse and dry your beaters well)
Egg White

7. Fold the whites into the cream  - DO NOT BEAT
8. It is important to retain as much air as possible
Mascarpone and Egg White mix

9. For serving you can use a big dish or individual glasses
10. Put coffee in a bowl
11. Dip sponge fingers in coffee one at a time (make sure to take the biscuit out quickly else it soaks a lot of coffee)
12. Drain well
13. Layer in your dish with sponge fingers, covering the whole bottom
Bottom Sponge Finger Layer

14. Place half of mascarpone mix on top and spread out
15. Repeat with remaining sponge fingers
Top Sponge Finger Layer

16. Smooth surface with mascarpone mix (finishing with creamy layer)

Topped with Mascarpone mix

17. Refrigerate overnight
18. Dust with cocoa and hazelnut (may use spoon to create layered effect)

PS: If using glasses for serving, break sponge fingers up into pieces that will fit in your glasses and do the same soaking and layering as above.
Do not oversoak the sponge fingers in coffee, take the sponge fingers out of coffee quickly.