Thursday 2 January 2014

Chicken Chickpeas Curry ( murgh cholay )

Tried to amalgamate chicken and chickpea together, and it did work great.

Chicken Chickpeas ( murgh cholay )


Chicken - 1 (about a kg)
Onion - 3 (medium size, roughly chopped)
Garlic (grated) - 4 cloves
Ginger (grated) - about 2 table spoons
Green chili - 3 (diced vertically and cut into two half horizontally)
Tomato - 5 (medium size, chopped)
Chickpeas - 1 kg (soaked and boiled, or use canned chickpeas)
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil - 5 tablespoons

Whole Spices
Bay Leaf (tez patta) - 2
Cinnamon (dalchini) -1 stick
Black Cardmom (badi elaychi) - 2
Cloves (laung) - 3
Black Peeper (kali mirch) - 5
Nutmeg (Jaiphal) - about 3 pinch
Mace (Javitri) - 1 strands

Ground Spices
Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
Chickpea spices - 2 tablespoon (choley masala, you can make your own spices but this is readly available and far easier)


  1. Heat oil in a non-stick pot
  2. Add whole spices
  3. Add chicken, ginger and garlic, salt and fry it, keep turning till all sides get white
  4. Remove chicken and keep in a bowl
  5. Add Chickpea spices to chicken, leave it to marinate for about an hour or more
  6. Heat oil, and fry the onions until golden brown
  7. Add turmeric and fry for another 10 seconds
  8. Add Green chili and tomato
  9. Add marinated chicken to the pot
    Fry the marinated chicken
  10. Cover the pot and cook it on medium heat until the chicken for 10 minutes
    Cover and cook
  11. Soak and boil chickpeas (or use canned chickpeas)
  12. Add chickpeas (add water if and cook on medium heat for another 10 minutes (until chicken and chickpeas are done)
    Cook on medium flame
  13. Garnish with green coriander