Monday 2 January 2023

Egg Curry


Eggs - 8 (Boiled)
Potatoes - 4 or 5 small (skin off and cut into half)
Onion - 2 large or 3 small (cut to small pieces)
Tomatoes - 3 medium (cut to small pieces)

Green Chilly - 1
Ginger Garlic - 1 table spoon (or 2 frozen cubes)

Turmeric powder
Chilly podwer
Corriander powder
Cumin powder

Whole Spices -  half tea spoon cumin seeds, 4 pepper, 2 cloves, 1 small cardamom stick, 1 Big Cardmom

Egg Curry


  1. Wash and chop 4 tomatoes and keep them aside.
  2. Peel 3 onions. Wash it. Chop the onions and keep it aside.
  3. Peel the skins of 4 potatoes, wash, and cut them in two. The size should look like Egg.
  4. Boil 8 eggs for 20 minutes and keep them aside. (As soon as it is boiled, you should discard the water and replace it with cold water. Then peel it and keep it ready).
    Pierce the egg with a fork – this piercing will ensure that masala will get inside the egg.

  5. In a kadai, pour oil and when it’s hot, put the peeled boiled egg (without water otherwise it will spill off). 
    Care to be taken, that the egg must not stick to the kadai when we drop the egg. The probability to stick is only in the beginning, as we keep moving the eggs in the kadai, after 30 or 40 seconds, they will not stick to the oil. Depending on preference fry the eggs lightly or crispier golden.
  6. Optionally you may also fry potatoes in the same oil.
  7. Add turmeric, this will give golden yellow colour to the boiled egg. Once its fried to preference take that egg out, and put it in a bowl.
  8. In a pressure cooker, pour oil and add onion.
    The main trick is here. Spread the onion and wait until it turns yellow. Do NOT keep spreading for 1 minute. (This was a mistake I did when I was trying to cook earlier. It will leave an onion smell). After 1 minute, now periodically turn over the onion, to ensure all sides are cooked.
  9. Simmer the gas. Now create an empty space (moving onions to the sides, like a concentric circle)
  10. In the empty space, pour some oil (if needed), then it heats up
  11. Add half teaspoon chilly powder, half teaspoon turmeric powder
  12. Add 2 teaspoons Corriander Powder
  13. Once the masala is ready i.e. shiny and leaves oil, add whole spices.
  14. Add whole spices - half tea spoon cumin seeds, 4 pepper, 2 cloves, 1 small cardamom stick, 1 big Cardmom
  15. Fry it for 20 seconds
  16. Add 2 cubes of garlic paste. It should be like a paste. Fry for 20 seconds
  17. Once the paste is ready, increase the gas level
  18. Add chopped tomatoes kept aside and mix it
  19. Add a green chilly
  20. Add 1 and half tea spoon salt. Never add extra salt, if it's less you can taste and add later.
  21. Cook for few minutes till tomatoes are slightly cooked.
  22. Add potato, close the cooker lit and leave it for 1 whistle.
  23. Wait for the curry to cool, then open the cooker.
  24. Add the eggs
  25. Add half teaspoon garam masala powder. 
  26. Add half teaspoon cumin powder. 
  27. Wait for 1 or 2 minutes to cook.
  28. Add chopped green coriander leaves for garnishing, and serve.

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