Wednesday 20 May 2020

Bihari Kabab


Chicken / Lamb / Beef - 1 kg (long strips)
(If lamb or beef then papaya for marinating, beef will take more time to marinate)


Onion - 2
Ginger and Garlic - 2 tbsp

Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Black Pepper - 1 tsp
Garam Masala (Green Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg/Jayphal, Mace/Javitri, cinnamon stick) or use meat masala
Khas Khas - 1 tbsp
Red Chilli - 2

Yoghurt - 1/2 cup
Bhuna Besan - 1 tbsp
Mustard Oil

  1. Roast all Graram masala, cumin seed, black pepper in a pan for a minute and then grind
  2. Grind onion, ginger, garlic, Khas Khas and Red Chilli
  3. Marinate meat with the above mix, yoghurt, bhuna bean, salt and mustard oil.
  4. Add papaya if it's lamb or beef.
  5. Marination Time - Chicken - 1.5 hr, Lamb - 2hour, Beef - 2 hour
  6. Fry on a pan, covered on one side, once done on the other side, repeat in batches or Grill in an oven or on a barbecue

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